Endy Series

The timber's ends are the most sensitive part of the timber. In order to protect it, they are painted in sawmills.

These colored ends are removed and discarded afterwards, so the end user is not aware of them.

In order to emphasize these ends, the design and production use very simple means - cutting all the wood pieces with a table-saw in 10 degrees tilt, joining them using glue and wooden pegs, thus keeping the form geometrically clean and simple. The flat surface is created by joining three or four pieces together, showing the colors in all directions. The legs are joined to the surface in a tilt of 10 degrees. This also causes the structure of the beam to narrow, giving them a lighter appearance.

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More Details

  • Dimensions (Table)

    W: 80cm, L: 50cm, H: 42cm

  • Dimensions (Chair)

    W: 35cm, L: 55cm, H: 78cm

  • Dimensions (Stool)

    ⌀: 38cm, H: 40cm

  • Material

    Oak, Maple & Ash

  • Year